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You've found the right place If you're in search of Ghost immobilisers close to you. The device offers many benefits like preventing key cloning ECU swapping and hacking, and it lowers the risk of theft. Learn more about how this device can help protect your wallet and vehicle. You can also receive discounts on your insurance premium by fitting this device.

Ghost immobiliser prevents key cloning

The Ghost Immobiliser is a brand new kind of key cloning protection device that doesn't rely on radio frequency signals or the typical key fobs. To prevent key cloning, the Ghost is completely silent and works by using the vehicle's CAN data network. This feature provides complete security all the time. You'll need to enter an access code to unlock the vehicle. This code is unique to you and mathematically impossible for thieves to guess.

Ghost can be used in service mode, and exits based on speed and time. It is sealed, so only the owner has access to the PIN code. The Ghost can be installed anyplace on the harness to stop key cloning and to prevent ECU swaps. It is not identified by RF scanning because it does not have radio frequency signals. You can make your car ghost secure by installing a Ghost immobiliser. The device does not reveal the vehicle's location.

Another benefit of the ghost immobiliser cost immobiliser is its ability to recognize the owner's pin code and unlock the vehicle. This feature makes it very difficult for thieves to copy keys and gain access to the vehicle. This device is so safe that thieves cannot steal another vehicle's keys. Ghost immobiliser is one of the safest and most effective vehicle security products.

Hacking is stopped

Ghost immobiliser (electronic key cloning device) can stop theft of vehicles by preventing unauthorized entry to the vehicle's engine controller unit (ECU). This technology is extremely effective and shields your vehicle from attacks by hackers. It also prevents theft. It generates a PIN code using buttons on the vehicle that could be as long as 20 digits. The immobiliser offers several advantages over key cloning or towing.

A Ghost immobiliser is a device that is connected to the CAN network of a vehicle. The device is connected to the vehicle's ECU via CAN networks. This significantly reduces the chance of hacking or detection. It also reduces the risk of key cloning and hacking since it doesn't transmit light or radio signals. A PIN code is required to unlock the vehicle. It can be between four to twenty characters in length.

A Ghost immobiliser is designed to work with the vehicle's CAN bus network. Once it is installed, it will connect with the car's ECU unit, preventing the theft of keys. They can be programmed to access the location of the immobiliser. This feature stops thieves from gaining access to the car's ECU unit even if the driver does have the correct code. By encrypting the data, the Ghost immobiliser has prevented many recent car thefts.

Prevents ECU Swapping

Ghost immobilisers are sophisticated security devices that deter thieves from taking off in your vehicle. This technology is hidden in the wiring of your car and cannot be removed by changing the ECU. Ghost users can remotely unlock their car and start it using an iPhone app. To use the app, the vehicle must be locked and Bluetooth enabled. Download the app for free and follow the steps to start.

The Ghost immobiliser is the most recent in car security and easy to fit, preventing thieves from taking your car. It connects to your car's CAN bus, and the Key lab communicates with your ECU to prevent illegal key cloning or ECU swapping. The device blocks unauthorized key copies or ECU swapping. It requires a unique code to unlock your car. Ghost immobilisers near me is a good option to shield your car from recent thefts. It is a highly flexible device and can be customised to meet your car's requirements.

Ghost immobilisers are easy to install and are compatible with all models and makes of vehicle. They are lightweight and weatherproof, so they can be installed almost anywhere. By preventing keys from being used, ghost immobilisers close to me stop ECU swapping. Ghost immobilisers can't be certified by Thatcham. Before installing them, you should consult a mechanic who is familiar with your car's model.

Reduces the risk of theft

If you have an entry system that is keyless in your car ghost you may have noticed that the rate of theft rises year on year. Ghost immobilisers can reduce this risk and keep your vehicle secure. It works the same way as an iPhone application. It is connected to the vehicle's ECU and isn't able to be retrieved by a thief. It can only be serviced by an installer that is TASSA-approved.

The Ghost connects with The key lab vehicle's data bus CAN BUS and requires a four-digit pincode in order to start the engine. The pin pad is generated by the buttons on the driver's seat. It connects to the CAN BUS connector, so it can be utilized with various car alarms and gadgets. It can prevent the theft or cloning of keys.


When installed by a professional, a ghost immobiliser will cost about PS450. When compared to other alarms for cars that are more expensive to install an Ghost immobiliser. A Ghost immobiliser can be an excellent way to safeguard your car in the event of it being stolen. If you're in the Greater Manchester, Wigan, or Oldham areas you can choose one of the many service providers in the region. Ghost immobilisers are more secure than traditional alarms, as there aren't any circuit cuts. Traditional methods cannot recognize them.

A ghost immobiliser is available for very little and is therefore worth the investment if have the money. This security gadget protects your car from theft and makes it more difficult for thieves to take it away. The device will also stop the engine from starting, making it harder for thieves to steal it. It can even stop hostage takings. Ghost immobiliser fittings are installed by several companies in your area.

The Ghost Immobiliser installation is easy and quick. The system is non-invasive and easily reversible. It will not void the warranty on your vehicle. It could also be transferred to a different car. Ghost can be installed virtually anywhere on your vehicle's harness. The unit lets you program your PIN code , and utilizes the buttons on your vehicle to enter the code. It also allows you to program additional keys to your Ghost without the requirement for ghost immobiliser Uk any additional wiring.


If you've recently purchased a new car or van, you may be thinking about a ghost auto watch immobiliser fitting. These devices prevent thieves from taking your vehicle or van in the event that keys aren't present. It is an aftermarket vehicle immobiliser that requires a specific pin code to unlock the vehicle. The code can be up to 20 characters long and is composed of a variety of buttons that can be pressed in the right sequence.


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